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There will be no service call charge if the repair is completed within first hour.

Our labor charges start at $75.00 per hour. The technician may increase the charge depending on the complexity of the job. However, they will always seek your approval before proceeding with any additional charges.

Requesting an appointment online is a fast, easy, and convenient way to schedule your repair service. Plus, when you book online, you can enjoy a discount of 7% on our service.

After you schedule an appointment with us, please be aware that our technician will give you a call approximate 30 minutes before their expected arrival time to your home or business to service your appliance.


A 90-day warranty covers the parts which we install.

We stand behind our work and provide a guarantee for all repairs except for Freon (Refrigerant) in air conditioners, compressors, refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers.

Payment method:

  • Personal check
  • Cash
  • Venmo
  • Zelle

Service call costs

What is a service call?

When your appliance breaks, it is the job of our appliance technician to diagnose the problem. If your fridge is not cold, your dryer is not spinning or your oven won’t turn on, the first step is for our appliance technician to visit your home and inspect the appliance. This is called a service call and will result in a diagnosis of your appliance problem and an estimate of the repair cost. The service call can take a few minutes or will require to dissemble the appliance and can take longer. The fee is $75 for a service call evaluation within an hour timeframe. Many repairs can be diagnosed within one hour. If the diagnosis takes more than one hour, the service call fee will increase.

Repair costs

What is the estimated cost of repair?

Once the appliance technician completes the diagnosis, they will explain the problem to you and the estimated cost and estimated timeframe that it would take to repair your appliance. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, you will pay the technician the service charge fee for coming to your home and diagnosing your appliance problem. If you would like to proceed with the repair and have your appliance fixed by the technician, the cost will include: the hourly cost of labor plus the cost of part(s).

The good news is that if your repair does not require ordering a custom part and would not require the technician coming to your home a second time, we can apply the $75 service call fee toward the total cost of your same day repair. This would occur in cases where we have the required repair part in our van. In such cases, you will pay for labor plus parts. However, the $75 service charge fee will be applied toward the total repair amount.

In cases where the repair is more complex and time consuming, requiring the ordering of specific parts (using the model and serial number of your appliance) and requiring a second visit to your home, you will be required to pay the service call fee along with the cost of parts and labor of the repair. Our hourly labor fee is $75.

Rest assured that there are absolutely no hidden fees. We aim to be as transparent as possible about pricing. The technician will provide you a total estimate so you can make an informed decision about the repair. We will not proceed with any repairs without customer approval and knowledge about pricing!

To make it easier for our customers, we accept Check, Cash, Zelle and Venmo!

** Please take note of the following items related to repair costs **

  • We do not pro-rate the hourly labor charge. Whether the technician takes 15 mins or 55 mins to repair your appliance, the hourly labor rate of $75+ tax applies.
  • Prices are on a per appliance basis. If technician is repairing more than one appliance in your home, please discuss price break-down for each appliance.
  • Depending on the complexity of the job, the technician reserves the right to increase costs (solely with advance notice and explanation to customer).
  • If you have any coupons, please provide to technician in advance.
  • Prices are subject to tax.
  • Tips are always appreciated, but never expected or required.

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